Consisting of a two-lane low-level route for heavy vehicles plus two surface-level connector roads for urban traffic, this project was initially designed with conventional reinforced concrete walls. By proposing an alternative solution based on the use of TechWall® prefabricated walls with counterforts, Tierra Armada generated both time and budget savings, since the cost of the reinforced concrete walls had considerable impact on the overall project.

The project was divided into three phases.The entire three-phase project involves the installation of more than 45,000 m2. To date, SECTIONS I and III have been completed for a total of nearly 20,000 m2 of TechWall® walls, with the remaining SECTION II scheduled for completion during 2018.

For this task Tierra Armada made use of a prefabrication plant located in Arequipa less than 5 kilometres from the project site. The plant was fitted out with the work trains required to maintain output in accordance with the project requirements.

Arequipa is Peru’s second-largest city with a population of approximately 1.3 million. The new Variante de Uchumayo Motorway, main access road into Arequipa, is being constructed by the Arequipa Regional Government to address the long-standing traffic jams that drivers face when entering the city.

TechWall® technique

TechWall is a prefabricated retaining wall system that combines a full-height face panel and counterfort into one unit. The system is designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of each project. Key to the overall efficiency of the system is the superiority of counterforts, acting as equivalent cantilever beams, in resisting lateral earth pressure. This high-tech system is unique due to its advanced fabrication processes targeting the most efficient use of concrete and reinforcing steel. Its construction system supports better control of installation costs and time frames.


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