Mountainous regions are often subject to challenges associated with the slope on the hill or the valley side.

These challenges can be man-made or natural and have the potential to impact the socio-economic conditions of human settlement.

We, at Terre Armée India, have expertise in providing innovative technology by integrating engineering solutions for disaster management on sloping ground, landslide remediation’s, avalanche protections, debris flow protections and more….

Every project is custom designed to suit the purpose and bespoke needs of project owners.

Terre Armée offers disaster management in collaboration with leading institutes and organizations in the world. Disaster management includes the installation of various sensors and devices that enable project owners to get a clear picture of the identified hazard zones prior to installation of the solution as a precautionary measure.

This service may also include monitoring the behaviour of solutions post its implementation and periodic reporting to the project owner during defect liability period and beyond as may be desired by the project owner. This unique service offered by Terre Armée enables project owners to identify the risk in advance and take preventive measures. It also generates a historic database for any identified hazardous location and provides a clear indication regarding performance of any solution that has been adopted.

Our diverse choice of solutions includes a practical selection of facing elements and soil reinforcements that are configured to best meet your specific project requirements.

We provide both steel wire mesh facing and geosynthetic facing solutions GeoTrel® & TerraLink® technology . These choices allow to build either ArmaGreen® vegetated “green” slopes, or ArmaStone® slopes having a natural mineral appearance. We also offer a popular alternative to build using the ArmaWeb® expandable geosynthetic cellular soil confinement solution which is highly adaptable for vegetation.

We also provide various solutions for Avalanche Protection, Rockfall Protection, Debris Protection and other Natural & Industrial risk.


Predictable performance

Predictable performance

Full-scale testing, actual event forensics data, and numerical modelling of Terre Armée protective structures support and validate the predicted performance of your application.

Lower environmental impact

Lower environmental impact

Using relatively thin sections results in lesser consumption of concrete, steel, and land use, thus reducing carbon emission while minimizing environmental footprints.



Complete methodology is adaptable for remote area constraints, light equipment, and small working crews. Structures can be designed as permanent or temporary with dismantling and re-use possible.

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