Terre Armée and subsidiary companies offer TerraNail™, a highly developed, high-performance solution for installing passive soil and rock anchoring and stabilization systems.

This solution is widely specified by geotechincal engineers for builders and earthworkers to install adequate measures to ensure stability and take control of embankment soil and rock displacement, foundation instability, mass erosion, and retention facing displacements.

The in-situ installation method involves installing soil nails within an engineered pattern of closely spaced inclusions which create an in-situ coherent gravity mass structure. Installation is straightforward:

  • Solid or hollow, fully-threaded and optionally coated high tensile geotechnical steel bars are driven into soil, and are then encased in grout and secured to a surface – normally fastened to a stabilized facing element.
  • Hardware accessories, including nails, nuts, plates, couplers, and drill bits are furnished by Terre Armée in size, shape and quantity as required by the project details.

Both, plain drilling and self-drilling nail options are available from Terre Armée. The self-drilling TerraNail™ anchoring system is comprised of a threaded hollow bar with an attached drill bit that can perform drilling, grouting, and fastening in a single operation.

Applications for TerraNail™

The TerraNail™ solution is used for both permanent and temporary stabilization for all types of construction jobsites and landscape development.

Stabilization of existing conditions: used to stabilize existing slopes and embankments and mitigate the chance for embankment slides and structure overturning.

Stabilizing new construction: used to stabilize new site conditions as a result of excavation required for widening existing embankments for road, bridge, railway, cut-and-cover structures and building basement expansions.

Natural hazard prevention and mitigation: TerraNail™ stabilization mitigates the chance of occurance and effects of rockfall, soil mass displacement and erosion.

Strenthening and repair: used to repair and strengthen weathered foundations, displaced or loosened revetment, and failing retaining structures.

Barrier support: used to secure posts and fixtures for all types of defensive barriers and structure foundations.


Seamless design and supply process

Seamless design and supply process

Performing as a geotechnical engineer, material supplier and offering installation support services gives the Terre Armee solution a single-source advantages over most alternatives.

Synergistic approach

Synergistic approach

We closely match and combine our soil stabilization solutions with an established footprint for building all types of soil-structure applications.

Integrated protection

Integrated protection

By combining TerraNail™ with active solutions such as drapery netting and TerraAnchors™, a full range of protection and mitigation against ground displacement is possible.

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