GeoStrap® reinforcements, now certified by RTS for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

November 23rd, 2021|

In October 2021, the Building Information Foundation RTS approved the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our GeoStrap® reinforcement, manufactured by our subsidiary Reinforced Earth India. This document gathers information on the environmental impact of a product according to international standards. The certification covers the whole life cycle analysis for the product from cradle to [...]

Terre Armée India builds the world’s tallest Reinforced Earth® structure

May 21st, 2021|

Download In September 2011, the town of Tindharia located in West Bengal, India experienced a massive landslide following an earthquake and heavy rainfall. The landslide significantly affected three locations – S1 (Height 34.9m), S2 (Height 102.8m) and S3 (Height 38.7m) – resulting in the collapse of a [...]

World-record bund test confirms Terre Armée’s capacity to innovate, leadership in soil-structure interaction

June 29th, 2020|

Reinforced Earth® rockfall bund withstands impact of 5000 KJ Three years of research subjected to a few seconds of truth The excitement was palpable at the Montagnole rockfall test site near Lyon, France on June 16. Three years of collaborative research combining the expertise of Terre Armée and Gustave Eiffel University [...]

TerraLink®solution to stabilize slope and widen road

March 3rd, 2020|

In the last quarter of 2018, cyclone Titli took a toll on Odisha state, located on the east coast of India. It caused severe damages including landslides in various locations on National Highway 59. Near Daringbadi - a tourist destination about 200 km away from the state capital Bhubaneshwar - the existing [...]

Reinforced Earth® Headwalls for Wildlife Crossing

March 2nd, 2020|

A new wildlife crossing bridge and six-lane roadway opened last week in Edmonton, Canada. Connecting the city’s ring road, the Anthony Henday Drive, with the northeast energy and industrial area, the Aurum Energy Park-Aurum Road Wildlife/Creek Crossing will reduce the daily commute for about 10,000 workers by about an hour. Commuters would [...]

Reinforced Earth® walls for Jorf Lasfar Power Station

January 20th, 2020|

In Morocco, the Jorf Lasfar thermal power station features high-performing installations. Guaranteeing an availability rate of over 90%, it is one of the best performing power stations in the world. The facility enjoys a strategic geographic location thanks to its proximity to the Jorf Lasfar Port. An estimated 85% of coal imports [...]


Our technical solutions are defined by four functions corresponding to the application: Retain, Cross, Protect, Strengthen. Retain: As the inventors of Reinforced Earth® and leaders in the soil reinforcement sector, we offer solutions for all retaining projects. Cross: Our customised crossing solutions are used to build bridge abutments, and bridges and tunnels under backfill. Protect: Our solutions help protect people, infrastructure, and the environment from natural and industrial hazards. Strengthen: Our engineered solutions help improve foundation of soil using high strength, low modulus proprietary Geosynthetics for Basal Reinforcement applications, bi-axial geogrids and woven geotextiles for Ground Stabilization applications alongside improvement of drainage systems with low creep, low intrusion and low deformation drainage geocomposites.





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