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Terre Armée began its activity in the Indian Peninsula in 1997, initially through a licensee. In 2006, the business was transferred to Reinforced Earth India, a subsidiary of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group with its headquarters located in Paris.

Terre Armée India is headquartered in New Delhi and has 3 regional offices – Mumbai (West), Kolkata (East) and Bengaluru (South), in addition to a manufacturing and testing facility at Arjikuja, near Ahmedabad. Terre Armée has an active presence in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.

Our inherent competencies can produce high calibre interface designs by pooling together the best industry inter-disciplinary expertise and experience. We have the capacity to create and render major and complex engineering projects with high technical content, logistical challenges, and construction speciality. In the process, we often source expert peer reviews through our global network. Our products ensure superior and assured quality and safety standards, long term performance and durability, sustainability, as well as low risk and economic ramifications.

Terre Armée India has forged an unrivalled level of expertise and experience in Retaining Structures, Crossing Structures, Preventing and Protecting infrastructure, Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilization.

Our technical solutions are defined by four functions corresponding to the purpose of the structure to be designed: RETAIN, CROSS, PROTECT, & STRENGTHEN.

Over the last couple of decades, Terre Armée India has been consistently setting the gold standards in Reinforced Earth structures and has played an active role in 500+ projects in the region.


Our vision is our raison d’être (reason for our existence), the essential dream that we aspire to make reality.

We aspire to attain a Technical Leadership position in the civil construction industry by integrating innovative engineering solutions in the f­ields of Retaining Structures; Crossing structures; Preventing and Protecting infrastructures; and Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilization.

Keeping our pioneering spirit alive, we continually create, design, and supply innovative technologies to meet the requirements of our customers and end users for various engineering and market sectors.

We are actively working towards a sustainable future by implementing de­finitive actions to reduce carbon emissions, optimize and preserve natural resources; and nevertheless, protect the civilization in the long run.

We provide economical and sustainable solutions with a strong commitment towards creating a legacy of “Excellence” in engineering services.


At Terre Armée India, we are determined to provide quality service to our esteemed customers. To fulfil this mission of creating a distinct identity, the Terre Armée India team affirms what we stand for.

To create a distinct identity, we are determined to provide quality and responsive services to our esteemed customers.

As dependable and steadfast performers we seek to consistently provide our customers with high technical expertise in engineering, products, and methods.

For our stakeholders and shareholders, we aspire to be identifi­ed as a customer-centric, well-diversi­fied, successfully growing and professionally managed company.

Terre Armée India offers solutions that helps protect the environment while reducing the carbon footprint in projects. Through our engineering expertise and sustainable technologies, we protect human settlements, wildlife and nature, public assets and infrastructure against natural disasters and industrial risks.

We continuously strive to be a coveted and thriving institution to share work and life experiences by procreating value and respect, providing equal opportunity and solidarity to all our employees, and by creating a robust health and safety culture in the organization.




Ensuring safety on our sites is our top priority towards our employees worldwide. We are fully committed to realizing our goal of a zero-accident rate; our regulations, our rigid rules and our in-house tools guarantee that we will achieve this ambition.

Autonomy and Tranversality

Autonomy and Tranversality

Anticipating the opportunities of our evolving markets, we pursue our international development combining our global competence with our local networks to further enhance our range of services. We empower our local managers to be responsive to the needs of their clients, while supporting them with the strengths and resources of a global Group.

Technical and Operational Excellence

Technical and Operational Excellence

Innovation has been intricately woven into the fabric of Terre Armée since its inception. Since its invention by Henri Vidal in 1963, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by numerous technological breakthroughs. We at Terre Armée continue to keep our founder’s pioneering legacy alive by adopting an active research and development policy and investing considerable resources.

Client focus

Client focus

No two projects will ever be alike. Each contract and each client have their own list of specifications, meaning that the project will be unique. We pride ourselves on providing construction solutions that are specific to your project and adapted to your needs. We will partner with you to solve your project’s challenges while providing an excellent client experience.


The advantages of the Reinforced Earth® products lie in the cost and the time of realization. The construction manuals established by Terre Armée are very well done. The relationships with the Terre Armée team are very good and the dialogue is easy both with the sales team and the technical team; we can just pick up the phone and easily join the right person. We are very satisfied and so is our client, which really is our highest reward.
Frantz Assier de Pompignan, Manager, Groupe CDC
The highlights of our collaboration with Terre Armée India were their quick decision-making ability, the presence of a competent technical team ensuring proper project management, and the frequent site visits of the design team. They are serious about their work and have regards towards their client.
Rajendra Kumar Sharma, Superintending Engineer, National Highway Circle, Public Works Department
We are very satisfied with the work Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. – Canada has provided. They add value through their many years of experience and were able to provide comments, recommendations, supporting documents, and general correspondence to assist us with technical discussions with the owner and their representatives. RECo employees are very knowledgeable and quick thinkers. They are very professional on and off site and go above and beyond their contractual obligations to keep the project moving forward.
Taj Gould, MSE Walls Manager, Graham Construction


  • Patent filed for Reinforced Earth®.

  • First structure built in Pragnière (France).

  • Company “Terre Armée” founded. First major structures built on the A53 (France).

  • First load-bearing abutment completed in Strasbourg (France)

  • Patent filed for the TerraClass® precast concrete cruciform facings. First overseas subsidiary founded: Reinforced Earth in Canada.

  • “The Reinforced Earth Company” founded in the USA.

  • “Tierra Armada” founded in Spain.

  • The company broke the 100,000 m² barrier in terms of Reinforced Earth® walls built around the world.

  • First inclined storage structure (USA).

  • Recommendations and best practices published in France for Reinforced Earth® structures (SETRA).

  • Welded wire mesh facings launched (TerraTrel®).

  • TechSpan® arches launched (in Spain and then Canada).

  • The company broke the 10 million m² barrier in terms of Reinforced Earth® walls built around the world..

  • “Reinforced Earth India” founded.

  • Terre Armée incorporated into the Freyssinet Group, thereby expanding its product range with Freyssisol®, a process based on geosynthetic reinforcements.

  • GeoMega® system launched.

  • “Slaton Brothers” acquired in the USA.

  • Soletanche Freyssinet created as a parent company for Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Terre Armée, Freyssinet and Nuvia.

  • Terre Armée celebrated the 50th birthday of the Reinforced Earth® patent.

  • The company broke the 50 million m² barrier in terms of Reinforced Earth® structures built around the world.

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