TechWall™ is a site-specific engineered articulated precast concrete counterfort retaining wall.

The system consists of full height facing units manufactured and delivered to your jobsite completed with pre-attached perpendicular counterforts. The integrated counterforts are jointed onsite to a structural concrete footing which then forms a highly efficient and robust cantilever retaining wall.


Well suited for sites having a soil bearing capacity that allows for a shallow foundation, TechWall™ is widely used in civil construction as part of various earth retention works for:

Primary advantages

> Efficiency in design

The TechWall™ solution combines an engineered precast structural facing that securely matches with an integral precast cantilever T-Beam to resist the lateral earth pressure which results in a relatively thin and optimized overall concrete profile for your cantilever wall. Based on your project specifics, our professional engineers select from a variety of counterfort options and select facing sizes to optimize the manufacturing and installation processes best suited for your project.

> Efficiency in manufacturing

The inherent quality and efficiency of designing and building with our precast concrete facing elements, in combination with a highly efficient structural design of the integral counterforts make this wall system attractive for builders to receive prefabricated materials to construct tall retaining walls within a narrow space in challenging surroundings.

> Efficiency in construction

TechWall™ reduces excavation requirements in cut-and-fill situations while ensuring cleaner sites and less disruption to the surroundings. Rapid installation procedures reduce construction time by 50% or more. Our solution eliminates the need for vertical formwork and requires little or no scaffolding during installation. Safety procedures on the jobsite are more easily organized as compared to conventional methods due to process planning and predictability for assured precision in component placement.

> Cost effectiveness

TechWall™ requires minimal maintenance over the service life. This solution also allows for a wider range of backfills as compared to alternative solutions that require expensive aggregates or special materials and procedures for backfilling.

> Adaptability

TechWall™ is especially advantageous when retaining structures must be built in locations having severe cut restrictions, limited rights-of way or obstructive barriers. Terre Armée engineers will customize the facing and counterfort sections for each project. For instance, facings and counterforts are pre-designed to accommodate clearance for utilities or existing embankments, and to facilitate attachments such as copings, barriers, catenaries and parapets.

> Architectural finish

TechWall™ can be customized with architectural finish. Visit our architectural gallery to discover few examples of great realizations delivered around the world.




A highly quality-controlled precasting process ensures a uniform finish with a variety of choices for architectural customization.



Using thin sections which reduce concrete consumption, and having more freedom in the selection of backfills make TechWall™ environmentally sustainable.



The Terre Armee Group and its subsidiaries have extensive global experience and local expertise with TechWall™ structures. We have designed more than 1,300 projects and close to 1,000,000 square meters of TechWall™ around the world.

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