For more than 50 years, Terre Armée companies have played an important role in all types of industrial projects throughout the world.

Our solutions bring structural, geotechnical and economic value to projects of all types, sizes and complexities. Reinforced Earth® MSE walls and TechSpan® arches and other Terre Armée solutions are versatile and ideally suited for many industrial applications due to their inherent reliable ability to:

  • Resist and supporting heavy loading
  • Resist vibrations, impact and explosions
  • Resist flood, fire and thermal shock
  • Mitigate noise and interferences

As opposed to most urban, residential and commercial sites, industrial sites require greater attention to be given toward active structure design. Designing for loads imposed by heavy operating machinery and equipment, effects of thermal fluctuations, or exposure to chemicals are just some of the vulnerabilities posed on the industrial site.

Terre Armée engineers bring together structure performance, risk mitigation and safety. Years of research and development allow our engineers to develop innovative industrial solutions for:

  • Material handling and storage
  • Tip walls and conveyor tunnels
  • Working platforms
  • Containment for spillage and retention
  • Explosives and chemical storage
  • Protective structures
  • Industrial roads and bridges

Load bearing working platforms

Industrial sites are known to require areas for huge machinery and equipment to function either while stationary or mobile. Designing and supplying materials for heavily loaded Reinforced Earth® walls is rooted in our general approach. Terre Armée is known for MSE walls carrying live loads of as much as 2,600 tonnes.

Containment walls

Our Reinforced Earth® walls are proven through full-scale testing to perform under extreme conditions . Containment through the use of MSE reservoirs, basins and tank enclosers is also possible.

Material handling and storage

Whether planning for live material storage for continuous inflow and outflow, or for storing idled material, Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® walls and vaults offer engineers alternatives for building above or below ground. Our engineered solutions play a vital role in developing turnkey industrial manufacturing and processing environments.

Protective barriers

Industrial assets management requires that engineers and builders incorporate risk mitigation measures into their site plans. We offer an array of engineered structures built to protect stakeholder’s fixed investments. Terre Armée protective barriers include several types of MSE structures as well as precast arches and boxes designed to mitigate, or resist damage caused by natural and industrial disasters.


Extreme load bearing capacity

Extreme load bearing capacity

Reinforced Earth® structures have extreme load bearing capacity and are resistant to vibrations, making them them ideal for supporting the live loads of heavy industrial vehicles and demanding activities.

Site safety

Site safety

Site safety is improved with Reinforced Earth® structures, which can resist accidental fires and extreme temperature differences, such as liquid natural gas at  – 160°C and flame temperatures of about 1100 °C.

Non flammable

Non flammable

Reinforced Earth® with steel reinforcements is inherently non flammable and highly resistant to thermal variations, which makes it an ideal choice for the construction of industrial infrastructure.

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