Construction of Reinforced Earth® Wall on the Outer Ring Road to Hyderabad city (Phase I – Gachibowli to Shamshabad) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Project Details


RE Wall Type TerraTee® with Freyssisol® system and HA Galvanized Steel Strips


Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited


Continental Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd.


10/2009 to 04/2011


  • Terre Armée (Reinforced Earth India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Arvee Associates Pvt. Ltd.


The project was conceived by Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (a joint venture of HUDA and INCAP) to facilitate the growth of Hyderabad city.

The project consists of a 6/8 Lane 159 km ring road that connects Patancheru-Shamshabad-Hayathnagar-Medchal-Patancheru, providing connectivity to various State Highways and National Highways to by-pass the city of Hyderabad.
Continental Engineering Construction Pvt Ltd was awarded 11 km of length as part of the project, from Gachibowli to Shamshabad.

Terre Armée in India was chosen as the technology partner by Continental Engineering Construction Pvt Ltd, because of its intellectual excellence and brand trust in the market.


A major challenge was to complete the project within time considering that the project falls under a huge traffic flow area due to airport connectivity.

Also, there was a Road Over Bridge (ROB) in this project. In this ROB, the height of the Reinforced Earth® wall was more than 17m.

Many of the proposed Reinforced Earth® structures had heights of more than 11m. Due to such significant heights, meeting the budget of the project was a big challenge.

At some locations, walls needed to be constructed at two different tiers.

Maintaining safe working condition for the workforce, especially those working from heights, was a major concern in this project.


In a detailed design process, Terre Armée in India used in-house technical know-how to design the Reinforced Earth® wall using two different systems.

Due to varying heights, Terre Armée in India has used Freyssisol® system with Geostrap 9 as soil reinforcement for wall heights up to 11m and High Adherence (HA™) Galvanized Steel Strips as soil reinforcing elements for wall heights from 11m to 17.5m.

The entire project was carried out using 180mm thick TerraTee® panels. Terre Armée in India successfully designed and constructed the two tier structure in this project.

Terre Armée in India carried out pull out tests by inserting dummy soil reinforcement in the Reinforced Earth® Wall. The results were satisfactory and increased confidence of clients, consultants and contractors in Terre Armée’s technology and commitment.

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