In October 2021, the Building Information Foundation RTS approved the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our GeoStrap® reinforcement, manufactured by our subsidiary Reinforced Earth India. This document gathers information on the environmental impact of a product according to international standards. The certification covers the whole life cycle analysis for the product from cradle to grave under EN 15804+A2 & ISO 14025/ISO21930.

GeoStrap® is also CE certified for reinforcement applications and approved by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) and NTPEP (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program – USA).

What is GeoStrap®?

GeoStrap® reinforcements consist of closely packed high tenacity Polyethylene terephthalate yarns encased in a linear low density polyethylene sheath (LLDPE) and manufactured through a co-extrusion process.

GeoStrap® reinforcements are suitable for a large range of soil reinforcement applications, usually with concrete, steel or other material facing panels, such as Reinforced Earth® MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) structures, steep slopes, reinforced embankments and more globally all kind of soil/structure interface systems involving such reinforcements for structures for an extended array of market segments: roads and motorways, environment, railways, hydraulic works, mining, industry, energy, commercial, housing or military. Wide ranges of physical, chemical and biological conditions found in reinforced soil structures can be addressed by the GeoStrap® reinforcements.

Click here to download the EPD document

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