Terre Armée in India - Expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction.

Hydraulic works

Reservoirs and canals


Terre Armée combines Reinforced Earth® MSE solutions with geosynthetic products to build reservoirs and canals.

Hydraulic works


Terre Armee designs engineered solutions and supplies materials for the construction of sustainable hydraulic solutions.

Groynes and breakwaters


Designing and furnishing MSE walls, precast walls and offering a wide variety of geosynthetics for building levees, groynes and breakwaters.

River training


Addressing river flow control through training and channeling using Reinforced Earth® structures, precast retaining walls including T-Wall® and TechWall™ and geosynthetic solutions.

Dams and Dykes


Dam crests, reservoirs, training walls, and conveyance tunnels built using precast concrete and metallic solutions supplied by Terre Armee.

Quays and jetties


Terre Armée offers a wide range of engineered solutions for the development of quays, jetties and other hydraulic infrastructure.

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