The CROSS business lines focus on technologies and applications related to crossing structures.

Reinforced Earth true and integral Bridge Abutments (TechAbutment®) are the preferred choice for bridge engineers, EPC contractors and private project developers.

Precast concrete arch (TechSpan®) and box (TechBox™) structures are used for the construction of minor bridges in single or multiple spans, hydraulic passes, material and water conveyance tunnels, vehicle, cattle and pedestrian underpasses, and cut ‘n’ cover tunnels. As an expansion to the technique, these structures are also used as extensions to tunnel portals and construct hydraulically pushed tunnel envelopes. Both precast box (TechBox™) and precast arch (TechSpan®) structures can be used to act as rockfall and debris flow sheds and shelters, as a more reliable alternative for prevention and mitigation of geohazards. TechSpan® arches also have proven use as ammunition storage bunkers in military applications.

Finite element modelling realises the benefits of soil-structure interactions provides optimum structure geometry and size and thus savings in materials consumption. It is possible to achieve complete water tightness of these segmental structures using state-of-the-art products and installation methods.


TechSpan® is one of the most reliable, cost effective precast concrete arch systems available for both fill conditions and cut ‘n’ cover conditions. Terre Armée has developed expertise in optimizing Soil–Structure interaction mechanics to optimise the geometry and minimise section sizes. It is widely used in the construction of bridges, underpasses, conveyance and reclaim tunnels, portals, ammunition storage bunkers and rockfall sheds and shelters. Typically, 15-20 linear meters of TechSpan® can be installed in one work shift.


TechBox™ is a state-of-the-art precast ‘box’ structure, typically a one- or three-segment system suitable for cut ‘n’ cover buried structures. The design is done using the finite element modelling method to optimize section sizes. The precast segments are brought to the installation site, when the site is ready for construction. It allows rapid on-site regulated installation. The soil cover required in TechBox™ structures is lower than for arch structures.


TechCulvert® is small to medium sized single unit Precast ‘Box’ or two-pin Precast ‘Arch’ for hydraulic culverts and utility covers (like gas pipelines). TechCulvert® provides several benefits to project owners, like assured quality, savings in indirect cost, rapid construction and early traffic commissioning.


TechAbutment® is an alternative solution for RCC / piled abutments. A highly engineered technique, it has been adopted throughout the world successfully for over 40 years. It is a Reinforced Earth® structure designed to support bridge load as an alternative to conventional RCC abutments. This is used for bridges, underpasses, flyovers, ROBs and RUBs, and is the technique of choice for most private project owners, EPC contractors and bridge engineers. Measurable savings in cost, materials, resources and time can be achieved with the planned use of TechAbutment® structures. The benefits are both tangible (direct) and intangible (indirect).

Tubo TechSpan®

Tubo TechSpan® is a prefabricated reinforced concrete tube with vaulted sections that has particular designs for small cross structures like road sewer, culverts, any other utility pass, etc. To install the Tubo TechSpan®, a trench is excavated at the installation location as per the dimensions of the Tubo TechSpan®. The trench is freed of any compressible materials and then levelled and proof rolled. The precast units are positioned from the top inside the excavated trench. Waterproof structures can be built using these segmental units. The installation is quality ensured and rapid.