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Terre Armée in India provides innovative technology by integrating engineering solutions in the fields of HYDRAULIC protection, ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability, GEOHAZARD risk mitigation, precast crossing STRUCTURES, SOIL reinforcement and RETAINING structures.

Our inherent competencies can produce high calibre interface designs by pooling together the best industry inter-disciplinary expertise and experience. We have the capacity to create and render major and complex engineering projects with high technical content, logistical challenges and construction engineering. In the process, we often source expert peer reviews from our worldwide Terre Armée subsidiary network.

Our business model is based on providing speciality services to our Retain, Cross and Protect business lines through efficient, optimised and alternative designs, cost efficiency, engineering value-addition and construction methods management. Our experienced engineers, technical directors, material science specialists and certified technicians strive to meet the needs of our clients by proposing solutions that are tailored to the specific features of each project, and help boost the technical performance, durability and construction quality of each structure, thus ensuring the desired asset life. Our products ensure superior and assured quality and safety standards, long term performance and durability, as well as low risk and economic ramifications.


Terre Armée began its activity in the Indian Peninsula in 1996, initially through a licensee. In 2006, the business was transferred to Reinforced Earth India, a subsidiary of Terre Armée, which subsequently became a part of the Soletenche-Freyssinet holding company.

The group’s corporate headquarter is in Rueil Malmaison, Cedex, near Paris, France.

Today Terre Armée is present in more than 45 countries with projects in more than 60 countries and has an active presence in India and neighbouring countries.

Our Success Story

Our integrity and passion for excellence has enabled us to acquire and successfully complete several demanding projects. We now have offices in Delhi (N), Bengaluru (S), Kolkata (E) and Mumbai (W) with our corporate office in Delhi. We also operate in Srilanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and have successfully completed many projects. Since 2002, Reinforced Earth has been an ISO 9001 certified company providing “Structural design, Engineering, Procurement, Supervision, Installation and Project Management of Mechanically Stabilised Earth and Precast Concrete Structures for Civil Engineering applications”. The company’s state-of-the-art specialized soil reinforcement product manufacturing and testing facility, ARJIKUJA is located in Ahmedabad district, Gujarat, India. This GeoStrap® Manufacturing facility produces ISO certified and CE marked products for the construction industry.

Our Workforce

Terre Armée in India has over 150 employees, most of whom are engineers and construction supervision personnel. The organization’s strengths are embedded in its strong values and work ethics. Customer satisfaction through assured quality and on-time delivery is our primary focus.

We aspire to provide a complete range of innovative engineering solutions in the field of Retaining Structures and Soil Reinforcement; Crossing structures; and Preventing and Protecting infrastructures.

We continually create, design and supply innovative technologies for various market segments.

At Terre Armée in India, we are determined to provide quality service to our esteemed customers.

To fulfill this mission of creating a distinct identity, the Terre Armée in India team affirms what we stand for.

As dependable and steadfast performers we seek to consistently provide our customers with high technical expertise in products, engineering and processes. For our stakeholders and shareholders we aspire to be identified as a well diversified, successfully growing and professionally managed company. Terre Armée in India continuously strives to be a coveted and thriving institution to share work and life experiences, procreate value and respect, and provide equal opportunity and solidarity to all its employees.

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